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The New W-4 Zone

By Brent Beach 

During the May 14, 2014 CVRD board meeting, the CVRD adopted a new zone that covers the water off the end of many of the undeveloped road-ends around Shawnigan Lake.

Most of these road-ends were surveyed as part of the early subdivision of the land, back in the 1920s. They are, on average, about every 1,000 hundred feet around the lake. Some are as little as 300 feet apart. The land itself is owned by the Ministry of Highways, the lake bottom off the end of the road-end is owned by Timberwest (left over from the original E&N railway land grant). (See also the article in this issue by Lois Morrow - Waterfront Road-Ends in the August 2014 Focus.)

People have put docks and other permanent structures on the water off some road-ends. These permanent structures have been the subject of several articles in the Shawnigan Focus over the years. (See June 2011, October 2011, April 2012). Road-ends have also been a hot topic with the Shawnigan Lake Parks Commission for years. (Search for Shawnigan Lake road-ends to satisfy your curiosity. This search should find both Parks Commission minutes and Focus articles.)

A total of 59 road-ends have been rezoned to W-4. There are over 70 road-ends, so a few escaped the W-4 rezoning.

The W-4 zone does not affect the land. It only affects the water, for 30 metres from the shore (high water, low water?).

Allowed uses in W-4

The new zoning defines Permitted and Prohibited uses. Permitted uses include "Passive recreation". Prohibited uses - this is the big deal - include all "privately owned floats, piles, docks, wharves and similar moorage structures".

The bylaw that rezoned all of this water does not mention grandfathering any of these existing docks, so all will have to be removed.

The CVRD appears to be prepared to enforce this bylaw. It is taking one resident who has a dock and boat shelter on the water off a road-end to court. It must be mentioned that the person they have decided to sue is a member of the Shawnigan Lake Parks Commission and a long-time advocate for bylaw enforcement relating to both docks on road ends and docks and boat shelters elsewhere in the lake (off private land).

All the Road-ends in One Map

This map was obtained from Grant Treloar at the Shawnigan Museum. It was made by a local resident Brian Jackson in 2011. It shows and names all the road-ends. Right click to view a larger version of this excellent map.
Zoning Maps

These are the 4 maps that came with the zoning bylaw. Right click to see a larger version in a new tab or a new window.

I miscounted newly designated W-4 road-ends by at least 1. So, there are 60 at least. There could be more. 


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