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Canada Water Week March 17-23

Canada Water WeekIn recognition this is "Canada Water Week" we would like to reflect on what SRA is doing on your behalf, towards the protection and preservation of our water. Thank you to all the volunteers and other agencies who helped towards this common goal.

  1. spearheading a legal battle to prevent the dumping of contaminated soil by SIA...and approved by the MoE
  2. under a contract with Aqua-Tex, mapping our watershed towards providing more scientific/environmental advice on proposed development; logging; wetland preservation; stream restoration etc.
  3. with the Shawnigan Lake School, undertaking water testing (e.g. temperature and secchi disc readings) over a three year period, to provide the BC Lake Stewardship Society, who will in turn provide SRA with a report on the health of our lake
  4. working with the MoE, CVRD and other volunteer residents, collecting water samples from numerous sites on and around the lake, watershed, down to the ocean. The MoE will provide a comprehensive report on the quality of our water and compare it to a similar sample survey conducted in 2009.
  5. providing data to Dr. Mazumder (from UVic) to assist in his research of Shawnigan lake, under contract with the CVRD
  6. installed 5 gauges on the north outlet creek of Shawnigan Lake, to assess flow rates and determine where bottlenecks may create flooding in high water situations
  7. promoted the "creek clean-out function" ($18,000 annually) towards cleaning out the north outlet creek, and minimizing the possibility of the lake flooding causing uninsured damage to private and public property, plus excess nutrients leaching into the lake from septic systems underwater.
  8. pressing the CVRD towards a survey of the north outlet creek, showing a comparison of a similar survey done by MoE on Oct 1980.
  9. pressing the CVRD to replace the log boom in front of the Haled Bridge, or access one of several options provided...all with the purpose of preventing debris (e.g. logs or broken up pieces of wharfs), which could jam against or under the bridge...or even down stream (e.g. against the train trestle footings)
  10. working with the CVRD on the management and monitoring of the weir (and the effectiveness of the current "rule curve")...given weather shifts over the last several decade that show a trend towards wetter winters and dryer summers.
  11. SRA and CVRD installed 2 gauges on the lake (accessible to the public), to promote a common language and understanding at what the actual level of the lake terms of meters above sea level
  12. working with the RCMP on promoting a closer boathouse for their zodiac to improve their response time to issues on the lake. A new RCMP boathouse is now located beside the Shawnigan Lake large boathouse.
  13. working with the Shawnigan School and Aqua-Tex on the "Reflecting Water" initiative...intended to promote awareness around water issues in our community
  14. promote awareness around CVRD bylaws which are intended to help with the quality of our water, or at least reduce negative impacts (e.g. removal of riparian vegetation, which can help filter out harmful chemicals, or elevated nutrient levels)
  15. work with the Vancouver Island Water Watch Coalition towards awareness of water issues, or those effecting water (e.g. fracking).
  16. promoting the proper maintenance of septic systems within the particular those in the flood plain of the lake
  17. promoting the proper use, or non-use of certain household, or garden products that harm the lake (e.g. phosphates and nitrates)
  18. promoting a comprehensive look at the whole governance issue associated with Shawnigan Lake (Area B)...towards better control of resources and authorities which affect our lake water and watershed.

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