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South Island Aggregates Files Christmas Eve Motion for EAB to Amend the STAY Decision to Allow 40,000 tons of Contaminated Soil to be Dumped

27 December 2013

Shawnigan Residents Association (SRA)
Shawnigan Lake, BC:

In a motion filed late on December 24th, South Island Aggregates (SIA) aka Cobble Hill Holding (CHH) have asked the Environmental Appeal Board (EAB) to lift its stay order and allow 40,000 tons of contaminated soil to be dumped immediately on their property before the Board hears the appeal scheduled for March 2014.

The soils that are designated by SIA to be dumped include heavy toxic contents and are from contaminated sites in Victoria and Prince Rupert according to SIA documents that can be found on our website. A full list of toxins is on our website.

The SRA will vigorously oppose this application. The SRA's position is that the property is unsuitable for the deposit of contaminated soils. Moreover, the SRA believes that this latest application by CHH simply asks the Board to revisit a matter that has already been determined in the earlier ruling that prevents dumping of contaminated soil by SIA until the appeals are decided.

On December 10th, 2013 the Ministry of the Environment issued yet another order to SIA to clean up contaminated soil already dumped illegally on their property, which have been sitting will SIA's knowledge since 2011. Conservation Officers are now involved to enforce this order.

Meanwhile, CHH has been attempting to have several grounds of appeal from 4 other parties dismissed on a preliminary basis. The SRA opposes that motion as well, as we believe that all of the parties who have filed appeals with the EAB should have their appeals fully heard and decided at the March 2014 hearing.

The SRA maintains that any risk to the drinking water of Shawnigan Lake is unacceptable and will challenge any attempts to dump contaminated soil before the Board hears all of the evidence.

We continue to work closely with the CVRD on this matter. The SRA will continue to fight for the right for clean, safe, drinkable, swimmable and livable water.

Please visit our website at for more information and to make a contribution to our Legal Action Fund.

Media Contact:
Jason Walker
Director - Administration & Communications
Shawnigan Residents Association
250 588 7973

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