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ThinkShawnigan VILLAGE PLAN

On the evening of February 25th 2020 the Shawnigan Lake Community Centre was standing room only as the implementation of the ThinkShawnigan Village Plan was passed to community by Micheal Von Hausen Inc. Residents, visitors, and businesses began contributing ideas and suggestions from as early as Doug Griffiths’ presentation in April 2019. A total of nine public and stakeholder engagement opportunities helped shape this plan. In addition, an SRA sub-committee also worked closely with the Area Director, CVRD staff and the consultants on the ThinkShawnigan Plan. This collaboration continued through Canada Day, The Gathering and the Community Design Charrette from October 17th to 19th. Supplemental site and policy analysis brought further local details to the Think Shawnigan Plan. Over time the plan has evolved into six actions (Activity Nodes) and ten strategies.  This Plan is about action and it starts now.  

 Village Plan  Design Guide 

The Think Shawnigan Plan provides priority, choice, and necessary details for implementation now and in the future. It includes six Activity Nodes: 

1. Village Core (Old Village)

2. Community and Cultural Centre

3. Viewpoint at Lakefront

4. Government Wharf Beach

5. Shawnigan Station and Lakefront (land north 

of existing Village area)

6. Masons Beach

Ten Strategies: 

1. Village Core streetscape improvements

2. Village and Community Centre improvements

3. Village connection to lakefront

4. Public waterfront and activities

5. Village mix of uses and innovative businesses

6. Design guide and building/site Improvements

7. Trails connections and completion

8. Housing infill

9. Shawnigan Station (land north of existing Village area)

10.Policy amendments 

The Plan links the six activity nodes by a comprehensive trail network to create a cohesive and concentrated Village area, while conserving the natural rural setting. The strategies provide necessary details for implementation and are based on community input. These strategies will enrich and improve the Shawnigan Lake community while retaining its unique character and qualities - keeping the essence of Shawnigan. In addition to this Plan, the separate Shawnigan Lake Village Design Guide gives detailed direction to future development and improvements in the Village Plan area. 

This is not a CVRD plan, this is a Community Plan and will require community groups, stakeholders and community volunteers to make it happen and come together.  

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