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Privacy Policy

In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act of British Columbia, the Shawnigan Residents Association is committed to the following guidelines regarding the collection, use, disclosure, and storage of our members' personal information.

The Shawnigan Residents Association will collect the name, physical address, telephone number, and email address of each member.

We will do so only for these purposes:

  • to maintain an accurate and verifiable count of members
  • to facilitate on-going communication with our members, including newsletters, event notification, and petitions
  • to solicit donations
  • to facilitate membership renewals

Additional personal information may also be collected by a credit card company if membership fees or donations are made by credit card through our website. Data collected on the organization's website is protected by 128 bit SSL encryption.

The Shawnigan Residents Association will not collect personal information from our members for any commercial purposes, neither will we share, rent, or sell our membership list to any third party for any purpose.

Collection of personal information may be made either on a written form or through the organization's website. The membership list will be retained in an encrypted data base, accessible only to members of the Membership Committee of the Shawnigan Residents Association. Personal information collected in paper format will be destroyed by shredding; personal information collected in electronic format will be destroyed by deletion.

With the exception of membership renewal notices, the Shawnigan Residents Association will require express consent from each member to utilize personal information for any communication from our organization. This consent will be obtained with each new or renewed membership.

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