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Who is the Shawnigan Residents Association?

A non-profit community-based organization striving to represent the interests of residents in current and emerging issues that impact the quality of life in and around Shawnigan Lake with a focus on matters concerning development, environment, governance, local economy, and watershed protection. Our volunteers undertake numerous activities, but the current key focuses for our organization include: 

  • Community building and governance
  • Respectful use of Shawnigan Lake
  • Milfoil management communications 
  • Updating Signage 
  • Combating dumping in and around our community
  • Advocating for the removal of the contaminated soil dump

These areas of focus are based in our desire to;

  • Support sustainable environmental practices
  • Advocate for balanced growth and development including sustainable recreation and tourism
  • Collaborate with our local Shawnigan community and businesses
  • Encourage community participation in local government issues

        What is the SRA Mission Statement?

        To actively represent community and member interests in matters of the environment, governance and land use that support the residents vision for the future of the community of Shawnigan Lake.

        Who is the SRA Board?

        The SRA volunteer board is elected each year by our membership.

        It is our goal to:

        • represent all issues in a transparent, non-partisan manner that foster open and respectful dialogue
        • treat all stakeholders fairly, while recognizing the diversity of: members’ abilities; land and water use activities; ownership needs; economic viability, and the need for ecological sustainability
        • deal will long-term population growth policies and development that is consistent with the need for ecological sustainability
        • cooperatively work with other organizations with similar goals and objectives

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